• I’ve been thinking about PDAs for quite some time. Even though I’ve never owned one, I have fond memories of strolling through the local electronics store and seeing them on display.

    To me these devices have always kind of felt futuristic and ahead of their time compared to what was on the market during the early 2000s. I even remember thinking to myself: “when I grow up, I want to own one of those”.

    PDAs or Personal Digital Assistants arrived at a time when the world was still getting used to the idea of a “full-blown computer” in your pocket, and something about that just felt kind of magical.

    I do wonder, what’s the type of device that makes the current younger generation feel the same way?

    PDAs vs smartphones

    Palm PDA

    Honestly, I miss those niche and geeky devices. They had a clear but also naively futuristic vision of what they wanted to be. Even though they only appealed to a relatively small audience.

    Sure, our current smartphones do a thousand things better than a PDA ever could. But...

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  • For the last couple of month I’ve been using Arc as my primarily web browser. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions on why I should, or shouldn’t continue using Arc as my main browser. In this review I’ll be sharing my thoughts about what I absolutely like and dislike about Arc.


    Websites feel like native apps

    The extra window height that Arc provides, makes websites kind of feel like apps, rather than pages. Over the last two months I’ve really gotten used to it, and opening Google Chrome almost feels like accidentally opening Internet Explorer back in the day.

    Vertical tab organization

    One of Arc’s most controversial features is the vertical tab organization. It almost took me over a month to get used to it, and grasp its benefits. But the main benefit for me is actually knowing which browser tabs I have opened.

    No matter the amount of tabs I have opened or research that I’m doing, I can see the full context of a website at a first glance. This way I can decide much faster whether...

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  • Focus on Today

    April 2, 2024

    I originally wrote this article on Medium back in 2013. This was at a time when bookmarking services like Pocket and Instapaper were becoming popular. I realized that I was procrastinating by saving articles for later, and that I should focus on what matters today. Still, this post is as relevant today as it was back then. I’ve made some updates to reflect my current thoughts on bookmarking services.

    Original article from 2013

    There seems to be a rising awareness of information overload, but the connection with bookmarking services is still thinly discussed. Up until recently I was an avid user of bookmarking services, but trying to keep up with an endlessly growing list of articles felt like a job and was distracting me rather than helping me to get things done.

    I personally find that these bookmarking services much rather encourage procrastination, than solve them. Whenever I bookmark something, I feel like it’s interesting enough to read, but not at this time.

    What I learned is that...

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  • My new website is here!

    April 1, 2024

    It’s finally here!

    My website has made a comeback after more than 12 years of absence. Is there any timing better than April Fools’ Day to announce a comeback?

    I’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m super excited to bring it back to life today.

    Where it all started

    The old website from 2012

    • I just found out that I made the previous version in WordPress… I can’t even remember using WordPress for that long.
    • The main focus was blogging, but I ended up writing only 3 articles. I did manage to get my posts published on a webdesign blog from some other guy though. I sold my posts for $15 each. Those were the days.

    Old website

    Picking up where I left off, with a new website

    • Brand new design, built from scratch, with a focus on simplicity, typography and performance.
    • Using Astro as a static site generator, which is a joy to work with.
    • Hosted on Vercel, which is a great service for static sites.
    • Using Markdown for writing my blog posts notes, which makes me focus on writing instead of fiddling...
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